The Beacon International Magazine is a laity publication on the Catholic faith and the African Church.The Beacon International Magazine has as its primary aim the dissemination of vital Catholic information on doctrine, faith, health and every day life.

Ours is one of the first laity efforts in Catholic publication for local and international markets on the African continent covering diverse areas such as faith, the Church, doctrine, everyday life experiences. The Beacon team is drawn from an enviable group of international writers and commentators who contribute essays and articles on a wide range of issues.

We shall continue to live up to our promise of giving a well packaged magazine to our readers while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, aesthetic values, respect for human dignity and a wholesome representation of the Catholic Faith.

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The Month of Joseph
Most Catholics grew up knowing that the month of May is specially dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. But the feast of St Joseph the worker, celebrated on 1st May, also looms large in the month.
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Cover Choice

The Emmaus God who meets us in our disappointments
During the weeks after Easter, the church puts us in touch with the first men and women who experienced the risen Jesus in an attempt to deepen our appreciation and understanding of our faith.
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Our Faith

The Healing Light of Christ
The resurrection of Jesus is synonymous to the triumph of light over darkness. This is why the service of light on Easter night and the paschal candle that is displayed in church throughout the Easter season have such prominent place in our liturgy.
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Can a Catholic Be a Freemason?
Many regard Freemasonry as a benevolent and charitable organization, somehow similar to the Rotary and Lions Clubs, the Knights of Marshall, the Knights of St. John International or the Knights of Columbus.
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Winning Family

Most of the crowd spread their garments...
The Lenten season began with many of us struggling to follow Christ on the forty days’ journey.
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Faith & Business

Adversity: How God Shapes a Leader
A man in a dark suit ushered me into the luxurious sitting room of the penthouse suite. The windows of the room afforded a panoramic view. Then he left me alone with my thoughts.
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Young & Catholic

The Law of the Gift: Understanding the Two Sides of Love (Part 1)
How does a person know if he is in a relationship of authentic, committed love or just in another disappointing romance that will not stand the test of time?
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Tonic For The Soul

Using the Bible in Family Prayer
Just as we tell and retell family stories from year to year, so too we read and reread Sacred Scripture and pass on these stories from generation to generation.
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