Catholic Africa is a directory of parishes in Africa which we intend to develop over time. We will continue to update the list until we cover the entire continent. It is our desire that you are able to attend mass whereever you find yourself on the continent.

We will appreciate readers sending us details of their parishes for listing.

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Our Ever-Present God
‘Am I a God who is only close at hand?’ says the Lord. ‘No, I am far away at the same time. Can anyone hide from me in a secret place? Am I not everywhere in all the heavens and earth?’ says the Lord (Jeremiah 23:23-24).
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Cover Choice

Guardian Angels
We find pictures and images of angels all around. Some are on calendars and notecards, prayer cards and souvenirs. But these spiritual beings; they are real and powerful, serving as protectors and ministers of divine care. Among the myriads of angels are guardian angels. These are special beings who guide and guard every human life.
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Our Faith

The Meaning Of The Feast of Christ the King and Advent
On November 20th we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King. It is one of many opportunities the Catholic Liturgical Church year offers to each of us consider the creature which is called time, receive it as a gift and begin to really live differently.
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Do you have a real relationship with God?
Do you have a real relationship with God, or do you just have a religion? Do you know God, or do you just know about God? Do you worry about the smallest things, or do you trust God to help you through even the biggest things? Have you ever considered a relationship with God that has no limits, with a God powerful enough to enable you to think, love, and live differently?
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Winning Family

Let Christ Reign In You
This generation of youth and their conduct have posed to be a source of worry for many of the older generations. As much as the world is advancing, one cannot really see the benefit on the youth of our time, most of them are losing value for life.
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Faith & Business

7 Financial Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs
Most of us are familiar with the typical habits of successful people -wake up early, eat breakfast, build a network. But what about the financial habits?
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Young & Catholic

The Thrill of the Chaste
The beauty of The Thrill of the Chaste, and indeed, of the Catholic Church’s approach to chastity and love in general, is that it proposes a lifestyle that is both dynamic and practical, both challenging and peaceful. Chastity is the ability to moderate our own sexual desires, and involves much more than simply saying “no” to sex before marriage
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Tonic For The Soul

The Necessity of Prayer
One of the errors of Pelagianism was the assertion that prayer is not necessary for salvation. Pelagius, the impious author of that heresy, said that man will only be damned for neglecting to know the truths necessary to be learned.
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